Jet Ski Hire 

Book now for the ride of your life. There are two great options .... play on the river circuit or head out for an escorted ocean tour. Jetski your way to excitement and an adrenaline filled ride on the Noosa River and if that's not enough take our extreme ocean tour to Laguna Bay, and the Noosa National Park Headlands, Coves and Bays.

  • Four-stroke high performance wave runners
  • Up to three people per ski in river circuit
  • Can share the ski between others in the river circuit
  • Latest models on the market
  • River Circuit : $80 per 30 minutes or $120 for 45 minutes or $150 for 60 minutes
  • Ocean Tour : $140 for 45 minutes or $180 for 60 minutes 


Kayak Hire


Fun by yourself or with a group. A great way to view the river, go to unique and exclusive places and get some exercise at the same time.

Latest design kayaks with comfort kayak seats for strong back support. Dry bags are included so you can take a camera or other valuables on your trip.

  • 1, 2, and 3 seater.
  • All kayaks include comfort kayak seats for full back support.and special kayak life jackets with map pocket. Best kayaks, seats and hire rates on the river.
  • High performance paddles available at no extra charge.
  • Singles $10 per hour.
  • Doubles $15 per hour.
  • Day and weekly rates available.
  • Group hire and tours available.